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Location Based SEO


Location Based SEO, Get your Self Discovered on Your Location. Get More Customers.

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SEO Techniques to Boost Website Ranking The website should be accessible from all kinds of platforms like a mobile, tablet, desktop and so on. A mobile friendly website will be accessed more as there are more users of mobile phones than a PC. Use of simple URLs makes it easy for people and search engines to read them easily and also easily accessible. Know what the users want. You should be able to know what your target customers want. Then develop content on their need. Automatically they will be drawn to it. The content should be of high quality and detailed, not too short nor too long. It should be precise and crisp.Right keywords should be used to generate proper link building wherein quality should be preferred over quantity. Navigation on all the pages must be made easy and all assistance for it should be provided. This will surely boost the SEO ranking and land it on the first page of the search engine. Update the content from time to time and try adding customer testimonials to your website. It will surely notch up the ranking a few places
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LIGHTHOUSE INR 25000 INR 25000 Nowfloats do automated seo and this product is known as Light house 1. NowFloats Lighthouse 2.Mobile site 3.NowFloats Boos app and manage portal 4.NowFloats Boos app and manage portal 5.Auto SEO(Location based SEO) 6.Unlimited Updates 7.Unlimited Gallery uploads 8.Analytics dashboard domain or link to existing website 10.Update via Facebook 11.Social media sharing & integration 12.Online organic discovery 13.Product Catalogue 14.Additional Pages/Custom pages 15. 500 EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS True 1493387199
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406/6, Signet The Business Hub, Nr. Akshar Chowk, Old Padra Road, , , 390007
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22.281072 73.164722 Location Based SEO 406/6, Signet The Business Hub, Nr. Akshar Chowk, Old Padra Road, , , 390007